About Us

Our mission is to build the best Shopify websites in the world.


At NINE COMMERCE. our mission is to empower our clients with unparalleled market intelligence, drive reach with new forms of technology and invest in our team with innovative training and resources. Everything we do is designed to elevate the service experience and ensure that our success is our clients’ success. We work towards building the best Shopify websites in the world.

Clients say

Hear from the ones that know us
best – our clients.

  • Always willing to go the extra mile. Great communication. Thank you so much for your tremendous effort to get our site launched on Shopify! Once we had a meeting using zoom everything was done quickly and as requested

  • SIah was awesome. Varun was attentive and detailed and did an excellent job with our project. I highly recommend them for all Shopify projects

  • Varun, SIah and their team are very competent in challenging their tasks. Once they understand the whole project, nothing stops them from doing it excellent. That's why we haven chosen to work more then only 1 time with these people. Great. Greetings and respect from Germany

  • We got excellent service! fast, responsive, communicative and super professional. We had quite a few problems establishing a brand new website and Varun's team was always super responsible and helped us solve everything to our satisfaction


Our Values

We are curious, ambtious and always stay open minded



We’re not just developers; we’re people. So we move in your shoes and know that understanding and supporting every step of the web development process is part of our job.



We’re relentless and passionate about everything we do. We challenge each other to make each other better.


Taking Initiative

Taking the initiative has helped us build and strengthen our decision-making and analytical skills to analyze the pros and cons of different courses of action. It has also enabled us to identify opportunities and capitalize on them.



Creativity is in our DNA. Sharing impactful stories and developing out-of-the-box solutions is what sets us apart from the crowd.



We take full ownership and responsibility for all the projects that we do.



We focus on delivering quality work that has a lasting impact on the client and the end user. We do this by following industry standards and coding best practices.


NINE COMMERCE. is a web agency launched and designed for the marketplace of tomorrow. We grew from a Shopify consulting team into a full-service web development agency in Toronto, Canada, revolutionizing the traditional web development model.

At NINE COMMERCE. we do things differently. Our in-house development team develops stunning websites that engage the market by exploring new creative frontiers and redefining pathways to connect. As a result, our websites get unparalleled exposure by reaching more buyers than anyone else. Our team is driven to succeed, understands client needs, and establishes technical strategies with innovative thinking.

We understand that it’s more important than ever to help our clients and partners adapt to behavioural and market changes driven by generational shifts and technological advances in society. By combining traditional services with innovative products and technical capabilities, we know how to do that better than anyone else.


Siah and Varun have been in the Shopify ecosystem for over a decade, and you may have known them for their work as Shopify Consultants.

After years of leading many international top-ranked and disruptive Shopify development teams, they founded NINE COMMERCE.

Siah and Varun have helped numerous independent businesses start and grow their E-Commerce websites on Shopify.

They strongly believe in the power of community, supporting perpetual growth and feel proud and privileged to be a part of the Shopify ecosystem.

The Co-Founder couple lives in Toronto, Canada.